You're Stronger Than You Think, This Is Why You Need To Stop Cheating On Yourself.

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Welcome back to another session with me Anwin Mbah Business Wealth Strategist  and founder of Wealthfluency, helping businesswomen become excellent money managers with ease so that you can scale your business, increase your passive income and get time back. That is what I did.

And today I'm going to be talking about cheating. Yes, cheating. Here I'm going to be focusing on cheating on yourself. This is so rampant and it's happening in such a large scale that I really thought would be important to shed some light on this.

If you've ever been cheated on, and I hope you haven't but if you've ever been cheated on, you know, the kind of feelings that exudes.

You know, how that makes you feel.

You know, the impact that has on you on your self-belief and your self-worth.

You know that it's crippling to your self-esteem.

You know, the crumbling ripple effect it has on your ego.

You know, that it makes you feel worthless.

And weird enough, you are doing this to yourself. This then makes you have these feelings.

You feel like you're not enough.

You feel like you're not worthy of abundance.

You’re lacking in confidence. And that's because you are cheating on yourself.

That is why you need to read on because I'm going to give you some serious one-two steps, no messing around, no BS ways to stop cheating on yourself. Start making yourself feel better about yourself. But also start tapping into the abundance that is already there for you.

Stop cheating on yourself.

First stop the blame game. The blame game it's always something else or someone else or you’re always futuristic, you don't want to take action. You're waiting for something first to happen before you take action. So you're going to stop the blame game.

Second stop the victim mentality. The world is not against you. The economy is not against you. Politics is not against you. The universe is not against you.

You have to get yourself out of that loop of desperate fear,  the cycle of victim-rescuer, you cannot save the whole world.

You're not a victim. You have the power to change whatever you wish in your life. And even more so in your business. You are in control more than you actually they think you are.

Last, stop questioning everything, stop creating all the questions and focus all your time trying to get the answers. You have many, many questions but you don't have answers. Some answers in life only come with hindsight.

So no blame games, no victim mentality, no rescuer mentality. And definitely no million and one questions, this is not the Spanish Inquisition. This is a business that you're going to run,  you're going to make profitable and you're going to make sustainable.

Stop cheating on yourself.

You can do this.

You'll be very surprised at how simple this is.

All you need is a pinch of planning and a pound of accountability. Those are the simple ingredients you need to stop cheating on yourself.

Why planning is important?

You need to have some sort of structure in what you're doing in your business and in your life. When you're in a boat, you row, okay, you don't just let the river carry you wherever you try to steer yourself in the direction you'd like to go. But also, you do not need to get caught up in the fact that things don't go as expected or things don't go as planned is about letting go and moving on.

Then a pound of accountability.

You can see the ratio...a pinch of planning. So let's not get caught up in over planning.

But a pound of accountability, whatever you said you're going to do, you need to be held accountable to that. Anyone can help keep you accountable,  a friend, your partner, your coach. All of this works as long as somebody is holding you accountable. You are then forced to deliver, you are forced to take action because we as human beings  we like to please so you wouldn't want to go for your accountability meeting and have nothing to show for the time spent.

A pinch of planning and a pound of accountability that is all. That is how you stop cheating on yourself. That is how you build back up your self esteem, come out of the victim mentality and stop the ripple effect of a crippling crumbling ego.

You become a full fledged, in control business owner, CEO, Managing Director and Founder, you own your game are are on top of it.

The transformation always start within, with you. You need to take action now with these very simple practical steps that you can implement asap.

Pinch of planning a pound of accountability, how is this going to transform your life?

That is the important question because I know that you've heard of planning accountability a million and one times before.

Just imagine your life when you go from being cheated on, from the rippling crippling low self- esteem, from literally having no ego whatsoever, no pride in yourself, no pride in what you do, no pride in your work and worthless, you are not in a good place.

You go from that to start valuing who you are, what you do, your time and your expertise.

Not only that, you start respecting your boundaries, you start learning to say NO, and you start learning to say YES only to the right opportunities. No people pleasing. You start talking from a place of full abundance, realistic and patient when things don't go as planned or as expected and not letting this derail you, having a strong mind. You are worth more, your expertise are worth more, your knowledge is worth more, your life is worth more and all of this is found within. You have every single answers, you have been provided with all you need to succeed.

This is the outcome that you look to gain by just planning and being held accountable.

You deserve more, you do not deserve to be cheated on at all not by anyone and definitely not by yourself.

So take action, put a plan together and get somebody to hold you accountable and you’ll see the transformation that’ll happen in your life, in your business and in your bank account.

Stop cheating on yourself, plan and be held accountable. Simple as that.

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