When I first hired Anwin I didn’t realise the extent to which she would over deliver. I left all the number crunching to my accountant and didn’t consider my finances any further than that. Then I noticed my profit margin thinning out and I couldn’t understand why as we always had customers. She was always very accommodating and addressed all my concerns after her analysis of my business and its processes. We identified my KPIs and now I know how to measure them and make improvements. I still call on her for a financial health check every so often. I would recommend Anwin to any business owner, she knows her stuff and makes it so easy and simple to understand.
— Mark/Julia Wright, Owner, Cafe Arena

Anwin was hired to implement high profile regulation within our investment bank.
She was able to grasp our business model promptly and understand our product structures.
Within 6 months she produced our Target Operating Model and identified our skill gaps.
— Natixis, Investment Bank

I had lost the joy for my business.
I was working long hours for low return, I never seemed to have enough cash. Anwin came along and totally blew my mind! She patiently supported me to re-organised my business’s operational processes and we put in place a cash flow projection system. I was able to rediscover the passion for my business and furthermore, I was able to hire additional staff.
— Rosie Johnson, Owner, The Playhouse

I started my coaching business not really being aware of the systems that I needed to put in place. After my first session with Anwin, she helped me to articulate my business process from beginning to end. We streamlined my processes and now I have a business that is thriving with well thought out structures that yield a high return.
If you are not sure about your business processes and the best way to maximise your revenue then Anwin is the best person to help you do that! I now routinely recommend her to all my business clients.
— Blessing Theophilis-Israel, Founder, Blessing Spiritual Coaching