Move from a financial procrastinator to financial action taker and stop being a slave to your business.

The characteristics that appear most frequently
among “successful” business owners include drive, thinking ability, competence in human relations, communications skills
and technical knowledge.
— Anwin Mbah



Money Management

Wealthfluency will help you effectively and efficiently manage your money so that you can accomplish your business objectives and life goals. We support you to plan, organise, control and monitor your financial resources be it funds coming in or funds going out. We provide support with cash flow management and budgeting by putting in place a process of monitoring, analysing and optimising net cash in and out.

Business Strategy

Wealthfluency will help in the formulation and implementation of your business purpose, vision, mission and objectives. We will carry out analysis to identify your business needs and determine solutions to the business problems. We recommend solutions that deliver value ranging from software systems, process improvement and organisational change. We make sure your marketing, sales, finance and people are aligned to your strategy in order to give you the business you dream of and the freedom you desire.

Financial Planning

Wealthfluency will give you a financial MOT to help you work out whether you are on track to reach your goals. What do you need now? What will you need in the future; and, are you doing enough to give your future self the best present ever? You will hone and establish a bespoke financial plan for you and your business.

Investment Guidance

Wealthfluency will help you shift your mindset to a place of financial abundance, where you own your networth and leverage your currency. We will help demystify the investment landscape in terms that are simple and applicable to you. You will know the various financial products available, how they make money and what the underlying risks are specific to that product. Wealthfluency will empower you with the experience and knowledge required to become a savvy, experienced investor who knows exactly what to do with disposable income.

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To be a CHAMPION, right now you need to be making money. You need to understand yourself and your business and know what success looks like. You need to know you customers and how your products and/or service meet their needs. 

A CHAMPION has mastered creating value, leveraging, and creating cash flow from the marketplace, your business. But the business still relies too much on the personal presence of the CHAMPION.


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A HERO gains massive leverage by leading high performance teams and enterprises with exponential profitability.

To be a HERO right now you have an understanding of where your money comes from; you can prioritise tasks and expenses so it aligns with your strategy and vision. A HERO uses management accounts to inform decision making and you’re aware of what is going on in your business. 

As a HERO you already have the CHAMPION steps in place and now are ready to step it up a level.

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To be a WEALTHFLUENTIAL, right now you have an improved relationship with money coupled with sensible spending because without understanding how you feel about money and where those emotions come from you will not be able to successfully make changes to your financial life. You understand that in order to get to that WEALTHFLUENTIAL business goal, you have focused on implementing success and accelerating systems in your business, hiring exceptional team members, keeping that team motivated, optimising your marketing and sales funnels. 

As a WEALTHFLUENTIAL you already have the CHAMPION and HERO steps in place and now are ready to step it up a level.

A WEALTHFLUENTIAL is free entirely from hands-on management. You have multiple investments with mastery of cash and capital. You are aware of your position of trust and leverage that to connect with your community.

R.O.I. Money Management Method

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I’ve witnessed my clients double their income without additional work by just implementing the strategies in the RETAIN level alone and their business transformation is still on-going. This framework makes you feel ‘adult’ about your finance and have a business that supports your lifestyle.
— Anwin Mbah